Perception is bigger than reality

The way i see around me is, people live in and with each other with each other's perception personality than real personality.

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People are so busy thinking of what others are thinking for themself and unfortunately, they mold their behaviour to create a good perception of themself rather than be themself every time.

Be yourself

Playing with my kids, I realise they are so happy to be themself, living in their own world, they do what they like to do even repeatedly i correct them and they laugh (that does bring a smile on my face sometimes and also upset me depend right...)

The point i am trying to make, children are full of life, irrespective of their happy or sad mood. They tend to forget my upsetness in just next second and play with me with a laugh of a full heart.

My observation is children do not change behaviour rather they remind me that papa I am who I am, let me be myself. (it does not mean that not to introduce and go through the process of manners and discipline teaching in systemic manners)

Living and behaving to create the better perception in the mind of surrounding people is just suffocating with lots of pressure, (like you know if I do something, will he/she like it or not, or how will other react or will I upset them, will be punished for) it feels like the purpose of life is to satisfy how other want us to live and behave rather be yourself.

It is very visible at home, workplace, school, between children and parents, between husband and wife etc.

One observation is, the due result of this kind perception world, people like to hang out with other than a perceived circle where they find happiness, no expectation, behave as you wish, and could be many more reason. where they can be just themself

Conclusion: Be yourself and honest to own self. Let people think whatever they would like to, as no one is in a position to change how other people think. No matter how much efforts people put to change perception, I believe it is impossible to do so, who understand you and your nature, will stick to you forever and those are the one who does not good luck to them.

Have a great life and be yourself, live your life king/queen size, enjoy every moment.

I have endless thought to express on this topic, will continue updating this.